Why Exhibit With Us

Today’s bride is ready for you to come out from behind Facebook and email and to meet her face-to-face. She wants to meet the people who are going to create her wedding. Exhibiting at a bridal show is the best and most effective way to do that. Even if you are just there to help her find ideas and give her information, it is an opportunity for you to get your name –and personality –in front of her. 

It takes a bride seeing your name 12 times to make a lasting impression. Being at a bridal show puts your name in front of her several times over and lends credibility in her eyes.

How Bridal Expo is Different: 

  • Bridal Expo is the longest running bridal show in the Sacramento area–30 years.
  • We provide pre-show training (through a seminar as well as one-on-one) to make sure you are ready for the show and to give you ways to get the most return on your investment.
  • We offer follow-up training for you to continue to get business from the show.
  • Our prices are reasonable We also offer payment arrangements, if the total is more than you can spend right now. We can spread the balance over as many as four months.
  • You get a free 1/4 page ad  (in the form of a coupon) in our Bridal Expo Bride’s Guide & Coupon Book.
  • You are on the Bridal Expo website  from the time you sign up until six months after the show occurs.
  • You probably need more than just weddings to work full time. This show will draw people who are planning all types of celebrations – including weddings.

Our Advertising

Brides represent 1% of the marketplace, so we focus our advertising on places that they are most likely to shop (virtually and physically) and media outlets that target the 18-34 female audience. Included are magazines, websites, social media and direct text and mail.

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