Exhibitor FAQ’s

How many brides will attend?

The simple answer is “we don’t know.” There really is no way of making such a prediction because “stuff”happens. However, we spend a large percentage of our budget on marketing and advertising to get the brides to the show(s). And we still focus on attracting brides who are eager to plan their wedding and are attending to genuinely find the services and products they need. We recommend you ask yourself how many brides you need to book with you to make a profit? Chances are, if we have only 200 brides attend, you will get the bookings you need.

How do you advertise to the brides?

We keep up with the times, look into the best avenues to reach women aged 18-34 and put our advertising dollars there. When we started 30 years ago, radio, TV and the entertainment section of the newspaper were the best avenues. Not so today. Women decision makers shop online, communicate online and even listen to radio and watch TV online. We also buy radio (if they have an online program), mass phone calls, postal direct mail (more effective than ever) and emails.

Why are bridal shows so expensive?

We’re actually about mid-range in our prices. If we charged any less, we would not be able to provide the service that we consider vital to our exhibitors and the success of the show. There are costs involved in producing a show: facility rental, advertising & marketing, equipment & supplies, personnel. administrative costs, permits, insurance, show program, staging & décor, and miscellaneous costs. And, this is what we do for a living.

If I exhibit in your show, may I exhibit in other bridal shows?

Of course! We actually encourage you to exhibit in as many shows as you can afford. We believe it to be the most effective way to market to the brides. There is a small percentage of brides who shop at more than one show. The more shows you’re in, the more your credibility with those who do (attend more than one) and the more likely you are to reach the brides who don’t.

How many shows have you produced?

We lost count –we’ve been producing shows for more than 30 years (the longest running bridal show in Sacramento). For 16 years we produced Bridal Expo twice a year at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights. We’ve produced every type of bridal show, in every facility imaginable (including a grocery store parking lot), and in multiple facilities on the same day. We’ve produced shows that had more than a thousand brides attend and those that had fewer than a hundred attend –and everything in between. So, when you book with Bridal Expo, you get more than a space in a show. You get assurance that the show will go on, we’ll be there to assist every step of the way, and we are ready for anything –so you can focus on presenting your services in the best way possible.

Is there a representative from your company at the show?

Yes! We produce the show, so we feel completely responsible for everything that goes on there. We are the first ones there and the last to leave. There is always someone on the floor or immediately available to you. We go one step farther—we have floor managers who can stay in your booth for you if you are alone and need a break. And we usually have someone available if you need help loading in and out.

What if I have little or no experience exhibiting?

This is one of our areas of expertise. Our co-producer, Julia Markel, literally wrote the book on how to get more business from bridal shows—teaching you all you need to do to exhibit. We will walk you through the planning, through the day of and even the follow up. We usually present a seminar 2-4 weeks before the show that gives you thorough information (and if we don’t we will work with you one-on-one to cover everything). Bridal shows are the most effective, but also the most difficult form of marketing to brides. Even experienced exhibitors look for ways to improve their skills at bridal shows.

These are just the most frequently asked questions. We know that there are more and we are here to answer them. Please call us— 916-392-5000 —to get the answers you’re looking for.