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About Us

Richard and Julia Markel
Richard and Julia Markel

In 1985 we were selling lingerie and wanted to be in a bridal show. We had just moved to a new town and the bridal show there only allowed one of a type and already had "our type" in the show. We had really had great success marketing our product through bridal shows and now we were stuck. Being the stubborn entrepreneurs that we were, we decided to produce one ourselves.

That was our start —and a learning experience like no other. In 1987 we moved to Sacramento and produced the first bridal show ever to be held at Cal-Expo, then moved to other locations. For 16 years we produced Bridal Expo at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights twice a year.

Now we're entering our 30th year producing shows in Sacramento.

Bringing people together who need each other is a passion for us and Bridal Expo has allowed us a wonderful outlet for that passion. Plus, we constantly work on making sure everyone who is brought together wins from the meeting. That's why we add fun elements to our shows for the brides so they enjoy the bridal show experience. And we offer comprehensive training to our exhibitors so they can get the most return on investment from the show.

We are always willing to grow and learn and make improvements. It's because our true reward is knowing the brides and grooms find who they need and the wedding professionals get more bookings. The bonus is that we have Fun along the way.

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